Do we really need a village here, we already have a lot of agencies and informal organizations providing services?

  • Bainbridge has a head start over most new villages, because we do have a strong service sector, offering some core services, and many active volunteers.
  • Planning with citizens and existing organizations, it will be decided what services are most in demand or not available and the best approach to make these services available.
  • Village planners want to start with small but meaningful successes and grow from there.

What services would BI Village provide?

We don’t know yet what specific services Bainbridge Island Village will provide. This will depend on input we get from the community. Planners for BI Village will consider:

  • Providing a single point of entry – a central number a member can call to access services and volunteer opportunities.
  • Providing better access to reliable vendors for services such as in-home care, routine, and specialized services
  • Collaboration, planning and coordinating with existing organizations
  • Increasing volunteer participation throughout the community.
  • Offering tangible services that will make a difference such as handyman services; neighborhood-based support services and other specialized services.
  • Citizen advocacy to increase our capacity to be an age-friendly community.

How are Villages usually funded? 

  • Villages are funded by a combination of membership fees, grants, contracts and private donations.
  • Members contribute their time to assure the success of the village and to contain costs.

Who is eligible and how much would it cost?

    • Everyone living on Bainbridge Island would be eligible to join.
    • The cost of membership for BI Village is yet to be determined. A study of 33 villages nationally put the average annual fee at approximately $450 per individual and $650 for a household.
    • Subsidized memberships will be available and no one will be turned away because they cannot afford the membership fee.
    • People who cannot afford a full membership fee can share their talents in multiple ways.
    • Membership makes you a stakeholder in assuring that people in need of village services have them and that the services are there when you need them.
    • The value of the services to those in temporary or ongoing need far exceeds the cost of annual membership.

What are the most important and unique opportunities a village can provide?An intergenerational village would:

      • Increase awareness and response to human need at neighborhood and community levels.
      • Continuously advocate and create new and better solutions to help people age in place and others in need.